I'm Jenn, and welcome to The Taylor Farmhouse! A little blog that I created inspired by my love for design and those "farmhouse-y feels". 

I’m a wife and full-time working mommy who lives off of coffee, laughter, and my kids’ contagious smiles. I’m Pinterest obsessed and pretend that I’ll cook, create and wear everything that I pin (don't you?). My husband is a SAINT (no really, he is) – an amazing father and my best friend who works so incredibly hard to give us everything we have. I have two beautiful (and insanely happy) children that are at the center of my world. And while some days I think I’m one toddler tantrum away from losing my mind, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I've always been fascinated with interior design and home decor -- and I probably spend more than I should on silly (but totally adorable) things for my house. But what really ignited my Farmhouse inspiration was our house we purchased in 2016. We got incredibly lucky finding a home that was completely done and literally the same style I would have wanted my house to look like. Ever since, I have been obsessed and inspired to making this semi-city home into my perfect country Farmhouse.

Whether it's blogging, DIY'ing or sharing pictures, thank you for following me on my journey!